#1 Resources for Your New York Permit Test Practice

Finding the Best Permit Test Practice Resources

When you study for your New York Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License, you want to prepare for the test questions on the knowledge exam. There are many websites offering free sample tests, many are good, but some are… well, not so good.

It is important to use a website where the permit test practice questions are designed for New York State and based on the driver handbook. It should also have at least 100 different questions to give you good practice and variety.

Test answers must also be trustworthy, up to date, and verified.

Here are some great resources for your permit test practice that you can trust.

1. DriversPrep.com

Driver’s Prep – One Stop Resource Website since 2007

Driver’s Prep has been online since 2007. The website has offered driving education and promoted safe driving techniques across United States for more than 10 years.

It is an appreciated and trusted resource that offers free practice tests for parents, students, and school systems. Driver’s Prep provides the most complete online testing for all 50 states and District of Columbia. You’ll find 100 practice tests for New York with more than 1,000 questions designed specifically for the State of New York and covering all aspects of the NY Driver’s Manual .

Driver’s Prep also offers support and many articles related to driving and rules of the road. Questions are usually answered within 24 hours.

The first NY practice test at Driver’s Prep is found here: New York DMV Permit Test No. 1 – 20 Questions

2. FreeDMVTest.org

Free DMV Tests at freedmvtest.org

FreeDMVTest.org is a new website. It has a limited number of practice tests, but all are designed to introduce you to the real New York DMV knowledge examination and what it will look like. The sample tests help you verify how much you have learned about New York driving laws, safe driving techniques, road signs, signals, and road markings.

It is an easy to use interface that is well suited for smaller tablets and cellphones.

Take the first DMV test here: FREE New York Permit Test and Driver’s License Test #1

3. Licenseroute.com

Free DMV Tests at LicenseRoute.com

LicenseRoute appeared in 2008, offering free DMV sample tests, just like Driver’s Prep.

When you start a test, the system randomly picks 25 DMV questions from a database with 500 questions from the New York Driver’s Manual. Each test guides you through safe driving recommendations and New York laws and rules. Licenseroute carefully reviews all answers and make sure they are up to date with the latest manual.

The interface is best suited for PCs.

Start your test by going here: Your Free New York Permit Practice & DMV Written Test

4. New York Permit Test Practice on Video

Example tests in videos can also help you study and check your progress while you are on the go. Easy and completely free. These can sometimes be even better than cheat sheets.

  DMV Test Preparations – Road Markings

5. DMV Tests at Permit Practice Test NY

And, of course – the sit you are visiting right now. Dedicated for the New York tests and nothing else: Permit Practice Test No. 1

See a complete list of available tests in the right column (PC) or at the bottom of this page (cell phone or smaller screens).

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