Driver’s manual

Permit Practice Test No. 5 – 20 Questions

New York permit practice test No. 5 has 20 questions to help you pass your New York Learner’s permit or full driver license test. Start by reading the manual. There are several scenarios described in the manual. Use them to discuss safe driving with a parent, friend, or any licensed driver. Observe what happens in traffic around you. Look at all road signs and make sure you can describe their meaning with your own words. It’s a good start to active learning that will help you be a good driver.

Permit Practice Test No. 2 – 20 Questions

We are committed to educating New York drivers by giving them information about rules and laws to help them drive safely.

Driving is like any other activity that must be learned. It takes a lot of practice before you gain experience and becomes comfortable behind the wheel. It also requires knowledge.

Research shows that practice tests help you learn better. They also improve your chances of passing the real NY DMV test.

5 Reasons Why 1 out 4 Fail the NY DMV Test

Some applicants walk out from the NY DMV test with a perfect score and a grin on their face. Others are close to tears. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why young students fail their first attempt at the DMV exam.