Ask Us about Driving Rules and Safe Driving

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Ask Us – We Will Try to Answer

Ask us anything that relates to safe driving techniques, driving rules or the New York State Official DMV Test. We will try to answer, or at least point you in the right direction.

Understand Complex Rules and Laws

Some rules and laws are open to interpretations and not easy to understand – especially when you are still learning to drive. So no, it’s not just you being stupid.

Ask us – it is never wrong asking, when you don’t know

How Likely Are You To be Involved in an Accident?

Most of us think it won’t happen – not to us.

Statistics, however, show that you have a 30 percent chance of being in a serious car crash in your life.

It matters if you are a safe driver or not – but it is not the only factor. Remember, you are not alone on the road.

Safe driving relies on everyone to do their part by being alert and attentive while driving, following traffic rules, keeping vehicles in good working order and staying informed about safety issues.

Who is right and who is wrong when accidents occur? Well, answers are usually complex, but it helps to ask us and at least discuss and hear other the voice of other people.

Or Share Your Sunshine Story

Or perhaps, you just want to share sunshine stories with us. We all need to hear positive things, don’t we?

Point is, post your driving question – and we will help. Use the comment box below!

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